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We recommend the best skin care products for our patients.

We are a real dermatology office committed to recommending the best skin care products to our patients and customers. Our staff tests each of our products, and we are available by telephone, by email or in person to answer your questions.

Dr. Mitchell Schwartz practices medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology in South Burlington, Vermont and was the former director of the Aesthetic Institute of West Florida.  He has over 25 years of experience researching and prescribing the most effective skin care products for his patients.  Our practice does not manufacture any products, and we have no allegiance to any company.

Contact us if you have questions. Let us customize a skin care routine that gives you the best results.

Actual customer testimonial:

I am writing to say how wonderful it is to do business with you. Whether ordering on the phone or online I have always received kind, quick and thorough service. Your customer service far exceeds that of most businesses. Thank you. – Heidi